• Listing 22,000 schools in England with full age, faith and gender information
  • Showing 14,000 chemists and nearly 12,000 doctors and health centres
  • 600 railway stations plus airports, bus stations, petrol stations inc 24 hour & LPG
  • Banks, cash points, post offices - everything you need on one search page
  • Search by clicking on the search hand at the top of the right hand menu
  • Add your upcoming events, social clubs, sports clubs & societies free of charge
  • Read and contribute to your local, county blog. Find it on the events pages
  • Advertise your business. Choose your own price and location on the website
  • More towns, counties and regions being added every week
Bookmark-Local is devoted to providing you with one thing - local information. If you're tired of trawling search engines for pieces of information only to end up with loads of bookmarked pages then this is the place for you.


We have done the hard part and loaded up information on all of the local services you might need in a hurry or an emergency, be it a doctor a chemist or just a cash point. All of this information is available by hitting the large SEARCH button at the top of the menu. We have then added local pages where you can find things to do or clubs & societies to join. There is even a page telling you about a town or area if you wish to visit it. Finally, each county gets it's own dedicated news blog where you can pull in stories that are of local interest, write your own stories about events in your own area and comment on issues that affect you.

You can advertise your local events and add your club or society, providing it has a web page or email contact address, free of charge. If you have a restaurant, public house, cafe or similar you can advertise it on our local food & drinks pages. If you wish to advertise any other business we run our own ad servers for you to place your advert wherever you want to on our pages.