How to Advertise


Events advertising is free of charge and you can advertise as many events as you like.
Each county has it's own events ad server which is accessed from any of the town pages.
Just click on the "Add Your Event" link in the bottom right hand corner under Useful Links.
Events adverts are automatically added to our county blog pages as well.

You must provide contact details to verify your ad and the end time and date of your event.

Food & Drink

There are a limited number of advertising spaces under each town page.
Any restaurant, public house, cafe, take away, tea shop or similar can advertise here.

Click here for details.

All Other Advertising

Picture and text adverts are shown in many different sections on the Bookmark-Local website.
All of these adverts are pay-per-click meaning you only pay when you get a visitor to your website.
You decide how much each visitor is worth to you and set that amount as the maximum you will pay.
You also set the maximum amount you are willing to spend each day on advertising.
You can select which sections of the Bookmark-Local website you wish to appear in.
You have the choice of supplying key words to appear more in relevant searches.
You can have a plain text advert or have a picture & text advert at no extra cost.
Pictures must be 112 pixels wide x 84 pixels high.

How Do I Set This Up

First you need to set up your first advertisement.
Creating an ad is a snip!  Try building one without obligation as your ad won't appear until you verify your account.

  1. Click on the link below to take you to the create an advert page.
  2. Name your campaign - this is a name for your own use only.
  3. Decide whether you want a text ad or a photo text advert.
  4. Decide on an ad heading - this can be up to 40 characters long.
  5. Write your advert - this is on 2 lines each up to 40 characters long.
  6. Fill in your website address - ie: (you must put in www.)
  7. Put in the actual web page address you wish you customers to land on (copy & paste from your browser)
  8. Select which areas of the Bookmark-Local website you wish to advertise on.
  9. Select key words or phrases if you wish to use them - ie: plumber, hairdresser, car parts etc
  10. Set your maximum cost per click and daily budget.
  11. Review your advert and make any changes.
  12. Now enter your personal details to set up your advertiser account.
  13. Fund your account - we need a £20 deposit as your ads are paid for up front as they are served.
  14. Each month we will Invoice you for the ads served which will top your account up to £20 again.
  15. The deposit is taken by PayPal and once funded you can start designing your adverts.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer and direct debit each month don't fund your account.
We will you an Invoice and once paid your account will go live then.

You can then supply as many different adverts as you like - each one can have a different max cost.

Click here to sign up for your account.


Would you like to show our adverts on your own website and get paid for it?

Sign up for a publishers account to place adverts on any of the websites you own or control.
You will get full control over advert shapes and sizes as well as the colour scheme to match your site.
Full comprehensive reports are provided and you get a monthly payout of earnings.

To sign up for an account please click here. bookmark_publisher_logo