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One year on. December 2011

So, just one year after my first idea I found myself with lots of almost finished information on most of the counties of England. I'd decided early on to concentrate on England first. The sheer amount of information was awesome. My next worry was designing the site.

Here I had a stroke of luck. A client had wanted a new design for his charity. To test the design I used it for a fashion boutique. It was amazing. Not only did it look great, it worked beautifully on mobile phones as well. I decided to use this as the basis of my own site. So began six months of redesigning to get it right. Picture the most amount of information you can fit on a computer screen then cut the screen in half and fit the same amount on one half. That's what you need to do to fit a mobile phone. Lose a bit more to put the menu down the side and still keep it all legible.

And while this was going on we kept collecting information...