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Locator software or how to find stuff

As this blog was the last thing on my mind I've had to write a few to catch up. In February I was looking for locator software - find your nearest store type stuff. There is always a lot of free software online but having invested so much time and money I wanted something that worked. More expense but a really adaptable piece of software. Except, it wasn't designed for the UK. I have had more support tickets for this than everything else put together. It had to be virtually re-written as there were so many differences in how we collate information here. Finally, after several weeks it was working. It uses a database. I'll say that one more time, it uses a database.

My techs response to 200,000 locations and 1,700,000 post codes went along these lines. "That's 3 billion calculations" he said "slow, it will probably stop!" My elegant solution? It now uses 6 databases but could well end up with more.